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For about a year, I have co-founded and helped developed an impact solution targeting communities in Africa. Boosty is a software backed network of solar powered kiosks that provides informal retailers with sustainable energy, internet connectivity, and a connection to nearby costumers.

The solution allows underserved users to order and pay for goods and services from a nearby kiosk with the click of a button.

Led by research, we focused the design to addresses the need for ease of use, security, space flexibility and COVID protection.

Design has made provisions for charging space, a work table, a control panel mobile tablet, battery storage, security safe, refrigerator, and a storage shelf.

Solar panels will be secured with a sliding cover and a lock.

Also provided is a foldable store sign that can be lit up at night for visibility.

When fully shut down the kiosk provides a secure unit that will be adequately lit up at night with the aid of two light bulbs on either side.